Jobs and the Economy

Claudia knows that good jobs leads to a healthy economy. She believes we need to look at new and innovative ways to attract new businesses to Norman and Oklahoma. Claudia knows that Oklahoma is a great place to live and that we can continue to build a stable and smart economy that works for everyone. She believes that for working Oklahomans to have good quality of life they need to have a living wage.

Claudia believes that the key to good jobs and a strong economy is education. An educated workforce is one that will attract new jobs and keep companies from moving outside Oklahoma. She will work everyday to improve our public education system and build a better economic future for all Oklahomans.


As a product of Norman High School and the University of Oklahoma, Claudia knows the value of a good public education. She spent countless hours volunteering as President of the PTA at her children’s schools and has worked with educators to improve the learning environment of our children.

Claudia believes we must find better ways to grow education and move our state forward. She knows that we need to pay our teachers more in order to keep them in Oklahoma. She believes that we need to invest more resources into public schools so that our students have the best tools on hand for their education.


Nearly 1 in 4 Oklahomans don’t have health insurance and many of them work full time. Claudia wants to fix that.

Claudia’s experience as a nurse and the director of a healthcare non-profit gives her a unique perspective on how to find new ways to provide access to affordable healthcare. She knows that government isn’t always the answer when it comes to our healthcare decisions, but she also knows that programs designed to give Oklahomans in need a helping hand have to be maintained.